John Finer

John Finer
John Finer
214 Williams Hall
(330) 263-3880
Areas Of Interest: 
Genetic Transformation and Transgene
Expression in Crop Plants


Research efforts in the laboratory have focused somatic embryogenesis, genetic transformation and promoter analysis in crop plants. Although the main emphasis in my laboratory is currently on soybean, we have additional experience with transformation of wheat, maize, sunflower, tomato, bentgrass, cotton, white pine, Chinese yam, Christmas cactus and Ohio buckeye. Embryogenic tissues are used for both basic studies on plant growth and development and as targets for transformation work. For our promoter work, we use image analysis to quantify expression of the gfp gene, under regulatory control of different promoters. Automated image collections is facilitated using a custom-designed robotics system, coupled with high-throughput image analysis.




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