Extension & Outreach

Our three-part mission is to strengthen vegetable farms and businesses, to aid peers and to increase product value to end-users and consumers.
To accomplish our mission, we work to discover new insights through research and to share those insights with peers. We also synthesize information and guide potential stakeholder-users in applying it.
We focus on the concerns of Ohio-based stakeholders but recognize that people in other locations often share these concerns. Likewise, tactics developed to address local issues can also be useful elsewhere.
There are many types of commercial vegetable farming systems, farms, farm-related businesses and products: conventional and organic, large and small, fresh market and processing, open field and high tunnel, rural and urban, etc. We are pleased to assist managers of any of these types of operations in the area of crop cultural management.

Farmers, processing companies, members of the seed trade, organizations and others share many interests and concerns with us. They also encourage us to provide information in multiple formats. Therefore, in addition to this website, look for input from the Vegetable Production Systems Laboratory:
* at our Facebook,
* in our issue-based programs,
* in articles, publications, and slide sets,
* in presentations (e.g., during workshops, conferences, field days, technical group meetings, etc),
* in videos, and
* by request via email, surface mail or phone using the information here.