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MS Exit Seminar - Miles Jonard

Jul 31, 2013, 11:00am - 12:00pm

MS Exit Seminar for Miles Jonard

Multimedia Teaching Modules and Their Assessment for Teaching Plant Science in Controlled Environment Plant Production

ABSTRACT:The production of ornamental and vegetable crops in greenhouses and other controlled environments is not a novel concept.  There are, however, new challenges that face controlled environment plant production (CEPP) professionals and the industry as a whole.  Some of the issues that face the industry today include the need to conserve water and energy, strong global competition, and the lack of skilled labor.  The integration of new technology and procedures in CEPP can help to mitigate most of these concerns.  The European CEPP industry has already begun to implement such changes with favorable results while the American industry has suffered due to the limited access of knowledge pertaining to these advancements.  This project and study was conducted to create a method of teaching that can be integrated into university undergraduate learning and industry training programs where it is generally absent.  The method chosen to address this task was the creation of online multimedia teaching modules available to the public. The modules created were “Introduction to the Floriculture Industry”, “Light in the Greenhouse”, “Greenhouse Water Movement”, and a case study on different treatments when growing bedding and potted crops in the greenhouse.  These modules include curriculum items of interest in CEPP in the form of PowerPoint presentations, vocabulary lists, discussion and assessment questions.  Completed modules may be integrated into traditional classroom teaching, used as training videos for entry-level industry professionals, or used individually.  The modules created were presented to university undergraduate students (n=12, n=17) at The Ohio State University.  Each student completed a self-assessment before and after the introduction of each module and was asked to rate their confidence on core competencies covered by the modules.  The mean competency scores for students for every module increased from the pretest to the post-test.  Students’ competencies increased the most with the “Greenhouse Water Movement” module and the least with the “Light in the Greenhouse” (n=17) module.  The results reflect that this method of teaching with multimedia modules has the potential to enrich learning and improve education CEPP in and out of the classroom.

Wednesday, July 31
11:00 AM 
202F Kottman Hall 
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