Brian Decker

Owner & Entrepreneur

Owner/Nursery Production Expert
Decker's Nursery
Groveport, Ohio

B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1979
Area of emphasis: Horticulture

As President of the family nursery business, Brian Decker manages the day-to-day propagation, nursery culture and harvest activities. "I have tried over the years to develop a business that is professionally managed but still allows me to be a hands-on nursery professional. I maximize my time out of the office." Decker also oversees the nursery sales and office staff in the marketing and management of our products.
A former President of the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association, Decker is an internationally recognized nursery producer. "A rewarding experience for me was to be asked to visit The Peoples Republic of China as an industry expert in nursery production. I toured extensively through the country and gave talks and demonstrations on horticultural production."

Having grown up in the nursery business, Decker has experienced many changes in technology and preferences. "The industry is undergoing constant dramatic change. Labor issues, government involvement, new technology, public preferences -- all are factors resulting in change. I have difficulty thinking of any aspect of nursery production that has not changed over the last five years. Change keeps my job fresh and challenging."

An advocate of hard work and persistence, Decker’s advises horticulturists to learn from their own experiences. "Remember that your education, combined with a satisfactory level of experience in the field, will make you valuable. I have over 35 years experience plus an excellent education. My peers consider me an expert in nursery production and propagation. With all this going for me in this industry, I am just now thinking I might know what I am doing; maybe."