Dr. Greg Bell


Huffine Endowed Professor in Turfgrass Science
Department of Horticulture and Landsacpe Architecture
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma

B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1993 (Summa cum Laude)
Area of emphasis: Agronomy/ Turfgrass Science

M.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1995
Area of emphasis: Agronomy/Turfgrass Science

Ph.D. - The Ohio State University, 1997
Area of emphasis: Agronomy/Turfgrass Science

"I only have one passion and that is to do the very best I can to help my students meet the challenges of the turfgrass industry or scientific community and the challenges of life, in general," explains Dr. Greg Bell. As Huffine Endowed Professor, Bell follows in the legacy of one of the founding fathers of turfgrass science and education at Oklahoma State University. "It is my responsibility to educate our students and administer research programs in a manner that would make Dr. Huffine proud."
"While not a plant that provides nutritional value, turfgrass provides aesthetic and functional value," reminds Bell. "Turf offers erosion protection, prevents glare along roadsides, collects dust and damaging atmospheric pollutants, and cools summer temperatures near dwellings and buildings. It provides natural playing surfaces for many sports but most importantly, dense turf provides a significant amount of oxygen to the atmosphere."

"The turf industry rewards experience, knowledge, and dedication. You do not attend college to get a degree. You attend college to gain the knowledge that will help you excel in the industry," advises Bell. "You cannot compete with your peers for the best jobs based on your experience alone or on your knowledge alone. Success requires a combination of both."

"Each time a student compliments me on instruction or tells me that she is learning a lot in my class, it is a rewarding experience. Each time an alumnus tells me that I made a difference in his career, it is a rewarding experience," says Dr. Bell. "Although I have received one of the highest national awards for research, The United States Department of Agriculture Secretary's Honor Award, it is the student awards that mean the most to me."