Dr. Peg McMahon



B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1970
Area of emphasis: Floriculture

M.Sc. - Clemson University, 1988
Area of emphasis: Horticulture

Ph.D. - Clemson University, 1992
Area of emphasis: Plant Physiology

Peg McMahon often explores the scientific, economic, and psychological role of plants in her horticulture classroom. "Plants are important biologically because they are the only means of converting the sun's radiant energy to the chemical energy needed to sustain life.  But just as important is the emotional importance plants have in our lives.  Plants give us foods with many different tastes, they bring us beauty in innumerable shapes and colors, they enable us to enjoy life, not just live it."
A committed student advisor and active floriculture researcher, Dr. McMahon teaches five courses that range from introductory to senior level capstone. "Two courses I teach are general and address all three areas of our departmental emphasis: agronomic, horticultural crops, and turfgrass. The other three courses are floriculture focused. One of the most rewarding experiences is watching students I have taught and advised go through OSU's commencement. I make it a point of going to see the students as they line up for the commencement ceremony to say congratulations and wish them well."

McMahon also brings her own extensive greenhouse work experience to the classroom, "After graduation I worked for a multinational greenhouse company as a floriculturist in Akron, Ohio, California, and South Carolina for over 15 years before enrolling in graduate school to earn my PhD."

McMahon advises students to never ever stop learning and exploring. "Follow your heart's passion. If you are truly interested in a career in the plant sciences, there are innumerable possibilities for the person who is willing to constantly learn."