Jay Witkop

Sales & Marketing

Tillage Marketing Rep

John Deere Co.

2012 B.S. in Agriculture - Crop Science

Having visited the campus once, I immediately felt at home with the people and the school. It is a very close knit and inclusive group that strongly encourages campus involvement, but also has a lot of opportunity of individual advancement through opportunities in research and lab work. The professors & staff – they genuinely care about the students and are willing to take the time to help each person individually in any way they can.  I think it is overall a very challenging program, students do have to work to be successful, and I think industry professionals have come to know and respect this aspect. You’re not just coming out with a degree in agriculture; you earned a degree from OSU.

My coursework in agronomy has been vital to my success at John Deere. While my position does has a strong business focus, “Agronomy” is a major buzz word in the industry right now, everyone wants to know what they can do with their agricultural practices to be more successful. The course work at OSU gave me the background and confidence to be able to have those conversations with everyone from small farmers to industry leading professionals. 

I saw students being given opportunities in the Department of H&CS that I didn’t see anywhere else. The openness of the instructors and staff to encourage students, to invite them into their labs, explain their research, and even create research opportunities for the students themselves is unparalleled not only in the college, but across the entire university. It is very rare to see the level of dedication in professionals that is frequently apparent in the Department of H&CS.