Joe Motz

Golf and Sports Turf

Owner / President
The Motz Group
Cincinnati, Ohio

B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1977
Area of emphasis: Horticulture

"We're a behind-the-scenes member of the team. Fans see our work all the time, but take for granted the field will be playable," says Joe Motz, president and chief executive officer of The Motz Group. The Cincinnati-based company designs and installs high performance sports turf for amateur and professional sports teams around the world.
"Despite what people may think, the key to a playing surface isn't how good it looks," Motz explains. "The key is how the field performs. Can the surface stand the wear and tear? Can the field stand the rain and drain easily for short delays? Those are crucial to field performance."

Motz also insists that field managers understand the agronomics beneath the playing surface. "A groundskeeper must be in tune with what's going on under the surface, that is most important to the health of the turf."

An internationally recognized turfgrass field innovator, Motz credits the company's success to quality, technological innovation and service. "I enjoy the process involved in creating a field like no other. Each installation is a different challenge for our team. It's just a great feeling seeing events played on one of our fields." The Motz Group boasts more than 30 collegiate and professional athletic fields in its portfolio.

"Our company networks with the University on a regular basis. It's great for us, great for the business, and great for the program," Motz says. "The information we receive from the ongoing research at OSU keeps our program on the cutting edge of the industry. The university/industry partnership is invaluable to us."