Kevin E. Fall

Public Service

Butler Soil & Water Conservation District


B.S. June 2003, M.S. Dec. 2007

Growing up on a small dairy farm in southwest Ohio instituted a desire in me to pursue a career in agriculture or natural resources.  Our dairy farm was not enough to support two families so I knew I would have to find an off-farm career with the understanding that I would live, work, and raise my family on our 5th generation farm.  I have always enjoyed grain and forage production combined with all my other interests which is why I decided to enroll in the crop science program.  I consider the faculty and staff the greatest strength of the H&CS program.  Their knowledge, experience in their respective fields and genuine interest is assisting students and peers was apparent on a daily basis.  An additional strength was the vast diversity of research, courses, and opportunities available even within the Horticulture and Crop Science programs.

In my current position we often give advice on tillage practices coupled with seeding and fertilizer recommendations for agricultural, urban, and general conservation best management practices.  My coursework prepared me for this work, but more importantly the H&CS program instituted the a drive to continually question and test new ideas and practices for the real world application which has been very beneficial for me.    I want to thank all of the faculty, staff, and peer students of the H&CS Department, College of FAES and The Ohio State University for all of the beneficial knowledge, experience, great memories and most importantly for giving me a exceptional well rounded base to be successful in my career and achieving my personal goals.