Lucas Easterbrook

Golf and Sports Turf

 B.S.  2011
Area of Specialization:  Turfgrass Science  
Asst. Superintendent  Worthington Hills Country Club  

Being born and raised in Ohio it was always a dream to attend OSU. In high school when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the turf industry there was no better choice for me to than attend OSU. Lucky enough for me I applied and a dream came true. I feel the education I received with the small classes in the horticulture courses is second to none at the university. I can honestly say that every class in the department the instructors knew every student by their first name! Another strength I really feel benefitted not only myself but others is the networking opportunities that are available to the students. I know that in my case, majoring in turfgrass science, the connections across the country and even world from other OSU alumni and associates of advisors and instructors made obtaining quality internships and job opportunities almost endless.  Obviously the course work gave me the foundation and the understanding of the science that takes place within a plant. But the education also taught me how to look at something and troubleshoot or figure out a solution or remedy to fix the situation. It taught to think things through at a deeper level of thought. My experience was amazing. It is impossible to name all my professors by name because the list would be too long but everyone I ever encountered really went above and beyond to help me as a student.