Paul Duellman

OSU Graduation Date and degree: B.S., M.S., PhD:  December 2011       
Employer: USDA                                          Job Title: Lab Technician
Please state why you decided to enroll in the OSU Horticulture & Crop Science program:
After I transferred to OSU, I had trouble choosing a major and settling in. While checking into different options, my time with the Hort. and Crop dept. was by far the most amiable and welcoming. I was already planning to study in the sciences, but the fact that the faculty at H&CS gave me the time of day to talk and actually listened to me was extremely important. Other than that, agriculture’s importance in relevance and subject matter is self evident.
What do you consider the strengths of the OSU Horticulture & Crop Science program?
Comprehensiveness. A large variety of subject matter, issues, sides of industry, research, etc. are all well addressed in the program. With a field of study that has changed so much in the last few decades, I feel like the program has done a wonderful job keeping up and changing with the times.
How did your coursework in HCS help you in your current job position?
First of all, what really helped me a huge amount to get this position was my work experience as an undergraduate lab assistant. I can’t stress enough that its really work experience that drives one’s ability to find the right job for themselves. Other than that, the courses that most closely align with my current job would be the classes regarding the modern state of crop development  and the graduate level courses I took during my final year of undergraduate study.