Tracy DiSabato-Aust

Owner & Entrepreneur

Landscape Design Business Owner
Horticultural Classics & Consultations
Sunbury, Ohio

B.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1981
Area of emphasis: Horticulture & Ag. Education

M.Sc. - The Ohio State University, 1987
Area of emphasis: Horticulture

"Having a career in horticulture is a blessing. It is a gift that has been given to me, and I am grateful for what I can give to others," says landscape designer and perennial expert Tracy DiSabato-Aust. "There is nothing more rewarding than to be in the garden and watch it develop and to create something beautiful from a blank canvas. I see a great demand in our industry for specialized design work. People want to be unique - not just like their neighbors."
DiSabato-Aust enjoys both the hands-on design work and the education of others. "I love the diversity of design work, writing, photography and lecturing. It is important to work directly with plants and see how they respond and grow. Combining the physical work with the public aspects of my career gives me a deep, unique sense of satisfaction."

"I love to work with people, to educate people, and am doing this on a large scale," says the author of two popular gardening books, The Well-Mixed Perennial Garden and The Well-Tended Perennial Garden. "I have always enjoyed writing, but had no idea I would be this involved. It is probably the most rewarding part of my career. Once the books are out, it is very exciting!"

A passionate and dedicated horticulturist, DiSabato-Aust advises others to approach their own careers with zest. "I have found that, if you do what you love, and you do it well, you will be paid well for it. When you have a passion and work hard, opportunities will open themselves to you. Your ideal career evolves."