Horticulture and Crop Science

Genome Analytics

The Genome Analytics course will facilitate a hands-on analytical and quantitative approach for graduate students to learn the basic pipelines for analysis of genomic sequences, focusing on incorporating these bioinformatics pipelines into their own research.

Turfgrass Seminar

This course uses case studies and discussion to provide students with an appreciation of the process involved in solving turfgrass problems at the managerial level. Using real-life scenarios, students will learn to recognize problems, analyze problems, identify issues that need to be addressed to correct the problems, formulate a set of strategies for solving the problems, and more. Prereq: 4570, or Jr, Sr, or Grad standing.

Vegetable Crop Production and Physiology

A physiological and ecological study of the principal vegetable crop species grown for processing and fresh market use. The impacts of integrated crop management and other production systems on vegetable yields and quality are also considered. Prereq: 2200 (200), 2201, 2202, 300 or MolGen 3300 (PlntBio 300); and Chem 1110 (101) or 1210 (121); and Biology 1101 (101), 1113 (113), or MolGen 1101 (PlntBio 101); or Grad standing. Not open to students with credit for 450 or 605.

Advances in High Throughput Phenotyping

High-Throughput Phenotyping (HTP) is an emerging field that integrates remote sensing and simulation and modeling technologies to advance selection in plant breeding programs. Advances in High Throughput Phenotyping provides an overview of the sensing and modeling tools that are being integrated into modern HTP platforms. Prereq: CSE 1222 or Engr 1221 or 1181.xx or 1281.xx or 1187 or HCS 2260 or AnimSci 2260 or ENR 2000 or AEDEcon 2005 or ComLdr 3537 or Stat 1450, and Jr or Sr or Grad standing; or permission of instructor. Cross-listed in FABEng.

PGM Internship

Real world job experience at golf courses, clubs, or resorts. Students are mentored by the on-site PGA professional and must complete specified written Work Experience Activities. Must be enrolled while on internship. Repeatable to a maximum of 5 completions.

Introduction to Agronomy

An introductory course of row crop and forage agricultural production (agronomy). This course introduces students to row and forage crop species common in Ohio and surrounding states, and provides fundamental information on how these crops are managed in the region. Management aspects include site preparation, seasonality of management activities, and fundamentals of nutrient and pest management.


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