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The Floriculture Extension Team

The Floriculture Extension Team is a multidisciplinary effort with members from the Departments of Horticulture & Crop Science, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Food, Agriculture, and Biological Engineering, and OSU Extension.  The team has implemented an innovative way of providing the floriculture industry with support througha program called- "Extension ReLoaded". With industry cooperation, the team arranges for a tour of a few selected greenhouses that many can attend.  This cuts down on individual trips to multiple commercial sites and allows more time for experts to interact with the community.   Growers are invited to the tour where they will have access to experts, have on-site training, participate in hands-on visual examples, and see demonstrations of techniques first hand.  This method saves extension educators mileage and offers the industry a glimpse at other facilities, method sharing, and networking opportunities otherwise missed.  

The Floriculture Team also maintains a blog where team members keep subscribers up to date on a range of information from diseases to economics and meeting announcements.

For more detailed information, contacts, and resources, please visit the Ohio Floriculture Program Website.