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Department of Horticulture and Crop Science


Vegetable Team

The Ohio State University Vegetable Team

The Vegetable Team is an effort to focus and organize both personnel and material resources to address the needs and interests of the vegetable industry in Ohio and the Midwest region of the United States.  Their mission is to provide the Midwest vegetable industry with guidance to manage all available support and resources to help attain sustained profitability through a unique, highly integrated program that includes research along with outreach and education.

The team is comprised of OSU county extension educators and department faculty and staff from The Department of Horticulture and Crop Science as well as other departments in order to share the varied expertise of the University.  Among the faculty, staff, and extension personnel involved in this cohesive project are the department's own:

  • Dr. Doug Doohan
  • Dr. David Francis
  • Dr. Matt Kleinhenz
  • Brad Berfefurd
  • Gary Gao
  • Elaine Grassbaugh

To learn more about upcoming events, outreach, and news, please visit VegNet online