Undergraduate Internship

Undergraduate Internship 

All undergraduate students in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science are required to complete an internship prior to graduation. Internships allow our students to get real-world experience while still working toward their degree. The experience provides hands-on interaction in fields where graduates will potentially seek careers and allows students to shadow and work alongside a professional in the field of their interest. The opportunity helps students reaffirm that this is the path they want to follow.

Sustainable Plant Systems Internship Requirements

All students majoring in Sustainable Plant Systems are required to complete an internship prior to graduation. Interns must work full-time for ten weeks in the industry of their choice.

  • It’s recommended that students complete this requirement the summer between their junior and senior years.
  • After the internship, students sign up for HCS 4191.01 (offered in the Autumn and Spring Semesters) to receive two credit hours for the internship. HCS 4191.01 is a required class for the Bachelor’s of Science degree.

Professional Golf Management Internship Requirements 

The Professional Golf Management Internship requires students to complete five internships prior to graduation. Students must participate in the internship full time and must be enrolled in the University. The internship should be 15 weeks each.

  • PGM students enroll in HCS 4191.02 and PGM Advanced Professional Experience (offered Autumn, Spring, and Summer). Advanced Professional Experience is a series of five courses that are taken at  the same time as HCS 4191.02. 

The HCS 4501 series ensures that students follow the PGA guidelines required for the PGM internship. There are three (3) levels to complete.

Level 1: activities will include the topics of Customer Relations (14 hours), Golf Car Fleet Management (24 hours) Tournament Operations (30 hours) and Introduction to Teaching (12 hours).

Level 2: activities will include the topics of Merchandising and Inventory Management (20 hours), Turfgrass Management (16 hours), and Intermediate Teaching and Golf Club Alteration (12 hours).

Level 3: activities will include the topics of Advanced Golf Operations (11 hours), Food and Beverage Control (10 hours), Human Resources Management and Supervising and Delegating (16 hours), Career Enhancement (8 hours), Player Development and Teaching Business (16 hours) and Advanced Teaching and Golf Club Fitting (34 hours).

For more information, visit the Professional Golf Managment Program website and check out their Internships page: http://pgm.osu.edu/internships