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HCS graduate students at the 2024 Graduate Research Symposium

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Graduate students in Horticulture and Crop Science (HCS) have access to some of the highest quality faculty and research experiences in the world. Our graduate program provides training and leadership opportunities for the next generation of scientists who will address critical issues related to the production of food, feed, fuel, fiber, and pharmaceutical crops in ways that are economically viable, socially acceptable, and environmentally responsible.

Our students and faculty study fundamental and applied aspects of the biology, production, and environmental impact of a wide range of crop and ornamental plants grown in Ohio and around the world. Students have the opportunity to work with major grain crops, such as corn, wheat, forages, and soybean, as well as vegetable crops, fruits, berries, turfgrass, flowers, trees, and ornamental landscape plants. Our students and faculty have access to state-of-the-art resources for lab and field experimentation in genetics, breeding, controlled environment agriculture, horticulture, seed biology, agronomy, viticulture, weed ecology, turfgrass science, and beyond.

We're proud to offer two Graduate Degree Programs:

Explore our Master of Science (MS) Program

Explore our PhD Program


Our graduates find careers in a wide array of industries from academia to private companies to governmental and non-profits, carrying on a legacy of insuring safe, healthy, and affordable food, feed, fuel and plant products grown in sustainable agricultural systems surrounded by strong communities with regard for the stewardship of natural resources and the environment. Many of our graduate students have gone on to become entrepreneurs as well.

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We understand that choosing your future graduate program is a big decision. If you find that your interests fit well with our programs but you're not quite sure if you should join us reach out to our graduate program coordinator, Regina Vann Hickok, with questions, visit inquiries, and to learn more about the career options our programs can open for you.