Courses Req. for MS

Course requirements for the MS degree in Horticulture & Crop Science

All graduate students in HCS are required to complete our core curriculum. Graduate students may be required to take additional specialized courses as directed by their Student Advisory Committee (SAC).

Working on Research in the Wooster Greenhouse

Professional Development: Graduate Student Professional Development (HCS 7001 1 cr) is to be taken the first semester.

Colloquium and Seminar Requirement: (HCS 7890 1 cr repeatable). Students will enroll in HCS 7890 a minimum of two times: The first of these should occur by the second semester of enrollment, during which the student will present a Colloquium describing his or her research proposal. The second and subsequent enrollments can be any semester thereafter.

Current Topics in Horticulture and Crop Science: (HCS 8830 1 cr, repeatable). M.S. students must register for a minimum of 1 time. HCS 8830 generaly follow a ‘journal club’ format in which students and faculty discuss current papers in the field.

Research requirement: (HCS 7999 1-12 cr, repeatable). Students undertake innovative, timely research projects as a major component of the total graduate program. Enrollment in HCS 7999 (Research) provides credit for the research experience.

Exit Seminar requirement: All students will present an Exit Seminar on the day of their final defense, just prior to the actual defense. This is a culminating event in the academic career of a student and their association with this Department. The student will be responsible for scheduling and notifying the department, SAC members, and associated units, of the time and place of their exit seminar presentation. Exit seminars will be video-linked between campuses. The exit seminar will be 40-50 minutes in duration to provide presentations that are thorough, with ample time for discussion; however, the exit seminar is not part of the final exam and should not take time from the examination.