Current Topics and Methods Courses

Check out topics we've recently covered, as well as topics we plan to cover soon in our Current Topics (HCS 8830) and Methods (HCS 7806) Courses:

Spring 2025

HCS 7806: Hydroponic Crop Production Methodologies

When: Spring 2025

Instructors: Chieri Kubota (

Greenhouse laboratory course for graduate students who are interested in learning modern crop production methodologies to consider in their research. The course will provide hands-on practices of greenhouse hydroponic crop production – leafy crops, tomato, and more using crop production facilities similar to commercial production settings. Students will also learn greenhouse environmental sensors and data interpretations. This course is for graduate students to learn the methodologies but the greenhouse laboratory setting is shared with another course for undergraduate student (HCS 4301 Hydroponic Crop Production Lab).

Spring 2024

HCS 7806: Publishing in the Tri-Society Journals

When: Full semester SP24

Instructor: Laura Lindsey (

The purpose of this methods course is to understand publishing guidelines of Tri-Society journals, including Agronomy Journal, Crop Science, Agricultural and Environmental Letters, and Crop, Forage, and Turfgrass Management, and produce a draft publication that will be submitted to one of these journals. Students should have data analyzed prior to taking this course. New students will be permitted to write a literature review instead of a journal article.