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Media mention: Frost grips grapes in southern Ohio

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News article: OSU Viticulture Program Wins National Award

The American Society of Horticultural Science (ASHS) held its annual conference on 31 July through 3 August 2018 in Washington DC. During this event, ASHS announced the winners of the 2018 Extension Material Awards. The OSU Viticulture Program was among the 2018 winners of the Extension Material Award in the category “Video”.  The educational video titled “Grapevine Canopy Management” was prepared by former graduate student Thomas Todaro and advisor Dr. Imed Dami. This educational video was the outreach piece of an on-going research project on Viticulture Best Practices (BVP).

News article: Hongrui Wang recognized as iCorp Team member

I-Corps@Ohio is a program for faculty and graduate students from Ohio universities and colleges. It provides funding and training to help move fundamental research into innovative products and services, using scalable business models that serve as the basis for startup companies.

The CFAES teams, which will receive $15,000 in funding, include:

Media mention: Determining the Best Cold Hardiness Measurement

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News article: National Scholarship Awards to two OSU Graduate Students

National Scholarship Awards to OSU Students By: Imed Dami

News article: "Grower of the Year" and "Winemaker of the Year"

“The Ohio Grape Industries Committee (OGIC) will recognize grape and wine producers in Ohio with the first-ever “Grower of the Year” and “Winemaker of the Year” awards to be presented at the 2016 Ohio Grape & Wine Conference on Feb 15-16 in Dublin, Ohio. If you know a grape grower in Ohio who displays outstanding vineyard management or a winemaker who displays outstanding winemaking, please nominate them for the award by completing and returning the attached forms, no later than December 11, 2015.”