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News article: HCS graduate student wins 2nd place

HCS graduate student, John Ertle, wins 2nd place at the Graduate Student Poster Competition at ASHS (American Society for Horticultural Science) for his presentation: "Demand is High for Grafted Transplants: A Survey of North American Grafting Nurseries". John just finished his Masters degree and will continue on to complete his PhD.

News article: 2018 HCS Graduate Research Symposium

The 2018 HCS Graduate Research Symposium held in Wooster showcased the amazing research being conducted by the department’s graduate students. The students had the opportunity to compete in oral and poster competitions, hear from guest speakers (Dr. Gitta Coaker and Jordan Hoewischer), and network with faculty and fellow graduate students.

Competition awards


1st Vivian Bernau

2nd Sarah McNulty

3rd Sean Fenstemaker


PhD Research Presenation

1st Michael Dzackovich