Athletic Field Management Certificate Program - Student Feature: Munawar Parkar

July 6, 2015

Munawar Parkar is a Landscape Engineer for Aspire Zone Sport in Doha, Qatar. Munawar looks after the maintenance of the public parks and landscaped areas. He also works with FIFA training pitches, which use both natural and artificial turf. Qatar is the site for 2022 FIFA World Cup. Munawar wanted to upgrade his skills and knowledge of sports turf maintenance as preparation. The Athletic Field Management Certificate Program with The Ohio State University offered the perfect distance learning opportunity for him to acquire the additional knowledge he desired. “It was of great help and I am able to apply the knowledge gained in the field. I am currently working on the construction of the football pitches.” 

The Department of Horticulture and Crop Science offers several online certificate programs. With courses ranging from Baseball Field Managenet to Golf Course History, the certificate programs are a great resource for sport industry professionals. To learn more, visit the Plant Science Online website: