Bri Schneider Receives the CFAES Key Values Award

May. 9, 2023
Bri is a CFAES Award Winner!

Congratulations to Bri Schneider on receiving the CFAES Key Values Award! Bri Schneider is a double alumna of OSU, where she received her Bachelor’s in Sport Industry (2017) and her Master’s focused on Turfgrass Science through the CFAES Department of Horticulture and Crop Science (2019). Bri worked in the green industry for several years before returning to OSU as the Academic Program Coordinator for HCS. She leads undergraduate recruiting, social media, communications, event planning & alumni engagement to help keep the department moving forward in a positive direction. 

Since Bri is normally the one writing these posts, I (Dr. Wendy Klooster) wanted to do a ‘social media takeover’ and ask her a few questions about what this recognition means to her:

How do you maintain such a positive attitude when juggling so many responsibilities and challenges?

Bri: That’s very kind of you to say, I just take everything one day at a time and try to remind myself it’ll all ultimately work out okay in the end.

What excites you most about CFAES/HCS?

Bri: I know a stereotype of our college is people just think corn & cows but the people behind the wide variety of ways CFAES “sustains life” are definitely what excites me the most about being a part of our college + HCS.

What motivates/inspires you the most in your position?

Bri: What motivates me the most is talking to prospective students (and their families) who’ve never heard of our majors or just have like a broad interest in plants but aren’t sure how to translate that into a career. It’s super fun to help connect the dots on that, for instance a degree in turf can take you to such a wide variety of careers from a PGA tour agronomist to marketing at a sod farm to a groundskeeper in the English Premiere League.

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