Celebrating 160 years!

May. 16, 2013
Five faculty and staff members are retiring this year.
Between the five retirees, the total amount of years of service to The Ohio State University came to 160 years!
There was a celebration on May 15 at the Kottman Hall Gazebo to honor the retirees. Faculty, staff, and students ate ice cream and saluted the outstanding people the Department has had the pleasure to work with. Here's some information about the retirees. 
Susan Carson retired from many years of service at the Soft Wheat Quality Laboratory, in Wooster.
Sharon Treaster has been a vital departmental resource in support of teaching programs and the Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens. She has interacted with nearly 1500 undergraduate students. She's been a long-time volunteer of the local Audubon Chapter as well as the Columbus Natural History Society, the Nature Conservancy, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Natural Areas and Preserves. 
Professor Dr. Dan Struve taught Plant Propagation and Nursery Management for many years. He's been an incredible instructor to undergraduate students and an important mentor to graduate students. He developed innovative production systems involving copper-treated pots, and devised high efficient irrigation systems to minimize water use. He's been an active member of the International Plant Propagators Society, the International Society of Arboriculture, the Metropolitan Tree Improvement Alliance, the American Society for Horticultural Science, and the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association. 
Dr. Bob Precheur, the "Pumpkin Czar", an Associate Professor was responsible for statewide commercial fresh market vegetable extension. His research focused on integrated crop management systems for vegetable production, cultivar evaluation for disease and insect resistance and environmental adaptation. 
Professor Dr. Mark Bennett, used to teach high school Biology before joining Ohio State and we're so glad he joined us! During his time at Ohio State, Mark focused on vegetable crop production and physiology, seed quality/technology, and seedling establishment.  He's worked internationally, hosting visitors from Australia, Japan, Russia, and Brazil. He's also done research exchanges with Brazil and worked with Study Abroad opportunities in Chile and Tanzania. Dr. Bennett help establish the student farm at Ohio State. 
Thank you for your amazing years of service to Ohio State! 
In the photo: (from left) Dr. Mark Bennett, Dr. Bob Precheur, Dr. Dan Struve (regrettably unable to attend, but represented by one of his oak seedlings), and Sharon Treaster.