A Celebration of Trees

May. 3, 2013
On April 26th, the Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens celebrated Arbor Day on The Oval. 
The Arbor Day celebration had a ceremony honoring tress and their importance and the people who take care of them. The ceremony included an Arbor Day poetry reading by Andrea Janelle Dickens, MFA Poetry 2013. The event concluded with a rousing rendition of Carmen Ohio with the addition of special Arbor Day lyrics and the dedication of Quercus michauxii, Swamp Chestnut Oak. The tree was planted on The Oval. 
Arbor Day Lyrcs:
We gather on this Arbor Day
To honor friends who come our way
Grateful to the Earth are we
For all the grandeur of the Tree
Seasons come and seasons go
The Arbor does not cease to grow
Mother Nature will bestow
Her blessings on dead O-hi-O.