Fabiano Colet Receives 2023 Ohio Soybean Council Scholarship

March 23, 2023
Fabiano helping out with winter crops research

Congratulations to Fabiano Colet on receiving the 2023 Ohio Soybean Council Scholarship. This scholarship will help Fabiano greatly as he continues his graduate education pursuing his PhD in Agronomy under the advisement of Dr. Laura Lindsey

Fabiano shared how meaningful this achievement has been as well as a bit about his current research centered on soybeans:

What does winning this scholarship mean to you?

Fabiano Colet: Winning the competitive Ohio Soybean Council scholarship is a great achievement, and this scholarship will help me with some academic costs and professional development.

What’s your favorite aspect of being involved in the soybean industry?

Fabiano Colet: My favorite aspect is the opportunity to meet many people involved with soybean production (including other students, farmers, extensionists, professors, and others) and create a network while learning and sharing experiences with them.

Fabiano conducting soybean research

Could you expand a bit on your current research?

Fabiano Colet: My research consists of two projects: foliar fungicide application and biological seed treatment for soybeans.

The foliar fungicide application project aims to study the effects of frogeye leaf spot disease (Cercospora sojina) on soybean planted in different environmental conditions in Ohio while preventing soybean grain yield losses caused by the disease applying foliar fungicide at different timings.

My other research is a nationwide collaborative project involving the Science for Success group. The Science for Success is a national team of soybean Extension Specialists from land-grant universities that collaborates with research on best management practices for soybeans. This project aims to use quantitative assessments of the effects of biological seed treatment on soybean grown under different environmental conditions. In two years of research, we will test the effect of several commercially available biological seed treatments on soybean production in 110 locations across 21 U.S. states.

Closing Thoughts

Fabiano Colet: I want to thank Ohio Soybean Council for the scholarship and for supporting my research during grad school.

You can learn more about The Ohio Soybean Council by visiting their website