Four HCS Faculty Promotions

July 12, 2013
Four HCS Associate Professors have been promoted! In a June meeting of the Board of Trustees, it was announced that David Francis, Matt Keinhenz, Hannah Mathers, and Clay Sneller were promoted to full professor status. It’s rare for four promotions to take place at once but these outstanding faculty members are worth it! After years of hard work candidates are nominated to become full professors.  The candidates complete a six-step review process that takes about eighteen months.
David Francis: Plant Breeding and Genetics, Disease Resistance, Nutritional Quality, Domestication & Evolution of Tomato
  • Became an Assistant Professor at Ohio State in 1999.
  • Currently teaching: HCS 8825 – “Advanced Plant Breeding” and HCS 8806 – “Methods in Plant Science”
  • “My research aims to define the genetic basis of field resistance, humid environment adaptation, and fruit quality, while contributing innovative strategies for crop improvement.”
Matt Keinhenz: Vegetable Crop Physiology & Management, Vegetable Crop Quality
  • Became an assistant professor at Ohio State in 1998.
Research and Teaching goals:
1) better understand mechanisms which drive vegetable crop physical, chemical, and sensory quality
2) assist crop managers in implementing strategies which maximize crop quality, as defined by the market.
Hannah Mathers: Commercial Nursery & Landscape Management
  • Hannah is the State Extension Specialist in Nursery and Landscape Crops.
  • Hannah has various awards for meritorious service from various industry groups and a promoting diversity award from Ohio State. 
  • Dr. Mathers is a contributing writer for national and international trade magazines include Nursery Management Pro, American Nurseryman, and the ONLA Buckeye.
  • Hannah is a Senior Research Fellow at the Vineland Research and Innovation Center in Vineland, Ontario, Canada. 
  • Dr. Mathers researches alternatives to synthetic - chemical controls including bio-herbicides and bio-rationale approaches in landscape and nursery vascular and non-vascular weed control. 
  • Hannah is also the program chair of the OSU Nursery Short Course (OSUNSC) which runs in conjunction with the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA) CENTS trade show in Columbus, OH each January.
  • Became an Ohio State Associate Professor in 2000.
Clay Sneller: Wheat Breeding & Genetics, Plant Stress Molecular Biology & Genomics
  • Was a graduate of The Ohio State University’s Agronomy/Plant Protection program in 1978.
  • Became an Associate Professor at Ohio State in 2001.
  • “My objectives are to release improved wheat cultivars and germplasm, and to determine the genetics of wheat traits, particularly disease resistance and quality.”
For more detailed information about these faculty members, please visit our Faculty page.