Graduate Research Retreat

April 11, 2014

The 8th Annual Horticulture and Crop Science Graduate Retreat was a success. This year the event was held in Wooster, Ohio at the OARDC.  This year 20 sponsors contributed to the event.  The event brought together over 50 faculty, staff, and students from both campuses.  We had six competition categories with a total of 33 participants in the competition.  This years winners include: Elias Balimponya, Scott Menicos, Kyle Benzle, Shouxin Li, Bizhen Hu, Chengsong Hu, Shan Wu, Zhifen Zhang, Shaun Broderick, Rhiannon Schneider, Qi Mu, Mao Huang, and Lou Zhao.  The Graduate Retreat Planning Committee would like to thank the sponsors, participants, faculty and student judges, as well as all of the attendees for making this year’s event possible.

2014 Research Retreat Award Winners
Row 1: Qi Mu, Mao Huang, Shan Wu, Shouxin Li
Row 2: Scott Menicos, Bizhen Hu, Elias Balimponya, Rhiannon Schneider, Shaun Broderick
Row 3: Zhifen Zhang, Kyle Benzle, Hu Chengsong
(not pictured: Lou Zhao)