HCS Seniors Win Golden Opportunity Award

Aug. 29, 2013

Two HCS students, Stephanie Verhoff and Michael Hannewald were selected as the 2013 Golden Opportunity Institute Scholar award winners. The Golden Opportunity award comes from the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America. Stephanie and Michael applied for the award and along with a letter of reference, their applications were sent to the Golden Opportunity Scholars Institute Committee, where they were selected. The award pays for travel to Tampa, Florida, where Stephanie and Michael will attend Annual Meetings in November. The Golden Opportunity award pairs an undergraduate student in the field of agronomy with a mentor in the industry. It provides a chance for networking and guidance that some students may not receive during their time in school. Both Stephanie and Michael were surprised when they were selected but thrilled for the opportunity, “I’m excited to represent Ohio State,” senior Michael Hannewald said. When asked about how she felt about winning, Stephanie Verhoff, also a senior, said, “I’m excited to meet my mentor.” Michael said the award now gives him a chance to meet people in the industry and help him decide if he wants to work after graduation or apply to graduate school. “It will provide more insight and help me make my decision,” he said. The Golden Opportunity award is open to any student studying agronomy. Michael provided this advice for freshman and any student interested in applying for scholarships and awards, “Get started early, expand your horizons, and get involved.” Stephanie added, “Don’t be afraid to keep an open mind with career paths and don’t limit yourself”. Both Stephanie and Michael plan to graduate in May with a degree in Sustainable Plant Systems. Congratulations Stephanie Verhoff and Michael Hannewald! 


For more information about the Golden Opportunity Award, click here