HCS Students! Plant Breeding Summer Workshops - This Summer

May. 9, 2014

Plant Breeding Workshops

Session 1: Field Design and Analysis                May 18-22 2015
Session 2: Marker Assisted Selection               June 1-5 2015
Session 3: Genome Wide Analysis                  June 15-19 2015

Session 1: Field Design and Analysis

  • Introduction to R Statistical Software
  • Linear models of phenotype, heritability, & gain under selection
  • Randomized Complete Block Designs
  • Augmented and lattice designs for trials with many entries
  • Best Linear Unbiased Predictors (BLUPs)
  • Partitioning Variation and estimating heritability
  • Genotype by environment interactions
  • Selection indices
  • Field Tour

Session 2: Marker Assisted Selection 

  • Introduction to R for marker-trait analysis
  • Molecular marker platforms and scoring
  • Basic marker-trait models
  • Populations for breeding and mapping
  • Linkage analysis and Linkage disequilibrium (LD)
  • Genetic Variation in Populations
  • Selecting for Recombination
  • Background Genome Selection
  • Population sizes required for selection
  • Field Tour

Session 3: Genome Wide Analysis 

  • Introduction to R packages rrBLUP, GAPIT, BLR
  • Random effects models
  • The structure of breeding populations
  • Association Mapping
  • Genome wide selection (GWS)
  • Incorporating genomic selection in a breeding program
  • Selection for multiple traits

The three workshops are open to OSU graduate students who register for HCS8825-1010 (Columbus) and HCS8825-101W (Wooster). 

Students interested in only session 1 can register under HCS7806-1010 (Columbus) or HCS7806-101W (Wooster) and/or session 2 or 3 under HCS7806-1020 (Columbus) or HCS7806-102W (Wooster).

More infomration can be found here.