Jonathan Wins 3rd Place at the GRS in the MS Proposal Category

March 26, 2024
Jonathan in front of a tractor

Congratulations to Jonathan Moore for taking home 3rd place in the MS Proposal Category at the Graduate Research Symposium. The Graduate Research Symposium is an annual event hosted by the HCS Graduate Student Association that provides HCS students and faculty from both our Wooster and Columbus campuses to come together to share their research!

Jonathan is currently pursuing his master's degree under the advisement of Dr. Laura Lindsey. In his words "my research project is studying wheat and how different planting dates, and nitrogen application rates, affect wheat production. More specifically, determining the ideal time to plant wheat in Ohio that reduces the impact to yield that can be caused from insect and disease pressure, as well as utilizing planting date and cost of nitrogen to provide growers with the best economic return from nitrogen applications."

We're thrilled to have Jonathan in our department and fortunately he had a few moments to shed some further insight into his experiences at the 2024 Graduate Research Symposium...

What were your thoughts on winning this award?

I just moved to Ohio from North Carolina, and I have really yet to acclimate myself with everyone in the department. To win 3rd place in my first semester, presenting my research for the first time as a graduate student in HCS at Ohio State, was a good feeling.

How was the GRS overall?

I really enjoyed hearing all the presentations. We have a very diverse department and a lot of interesting research being done. 

How’s your research going currently?

My research is going well. I begin data collection in a few weeks and will begin processing samples this summer. I'm looking forward to having the first-year data to review. 

Jonathan (far left) with two other graduate students holding his award.

Closing Thoughts?

I'm really thankful for my advisor, Dr. Laura Lindsey, and everyone else in the department for welcoming me and my family to Columbus and Ohio State. I spent a lot of time at NC State as a student and staff member, but the transition to Ohio has been wonderful and I am very happy to be here. 

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