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Lindsey Hoover: New Food Safety Program Coordinator

Aug. 15, 2013
Lindsey Hoover: New Food Safety Program Coordinator 
Lindsey Hoover was hired in April as the new Food Safety Program Coordinator. Based in Wooster, she acts as a liaison officer between Dr. Doug Doohan, Ohio State University faculty member, and extension at OARDC. Lindsey is primarily involved in educational outreach; helping to spread knowledge about research conducted at OARDC and Ohio State to the public. She helps with the Good Agricultural Practice (GAPs) training, which helps produce growers follow safe growing and fertilization practices. As her Alma Mater, Lindsey said she was thrilled for the opportunity to work for Ohio State because of its diverse and world-renowned reputation. Ohio State has a goal to align the University with three Discovery Themes: Health & Wellness, Food Production & Safety, and Energy & Environment. Lindsey feels that her position encompasses all three, “The position really makes me feel like you’re helping someone”.
There is a growing concern among consumers, sellers, and the FDA about food safety rules. Recently there have been outbreaks of diseases, such as E. Coli and the call for stronger food safety rules is coming in force. In conjunction with OARDC, Ohio State has the opportunity to affect real change in people’s lives. There is proposed legislation, the Food Safety Modernization Act, that allows growers and produce sellers to get involved and voice their opinions on what does and does not work with in the world of food safety. The research at Ohio State and OARDC can help support growers’ ideas and help propose a strong Food Safety Act. Lindsey is an integral part for helping produce growers get the information they need.