More HCS Classes Available Summer 2020

April 16, 2020

The Department of Horticulture and Crop Scince will be offering more courses this summer. 

New to Summer

HCS 2200 The World of Plants 

  • Study of the cultivation, environmental, genetic, and social/cultural factors which influence the sustainable production of plants for food, fiber, ornamental and recreational uses. This is a Natural Science GE. 

HCS 2260 Data Analysis and Interpretation for Decision Making

  • Basic concepts of probability and statistics applied to the interpretation of quantitative data.

HCS 4191.01 SPS Internship

  • Gives students an overview of the variety of internships available as well as their importance in career selection. Students will rate their internships on their educational value and help comprehend post graduation HCS career options.

HCS 5890 Turfgrass Seminar 

  • This course uses case studies and discussion to provide students with an appreciation of the process involved in solving turfgrass problems at the managerial level. Using real-life scenarios, students will learn to recognize problems, analyze problems, identify issues that need to be addressed to correct the problems, formulate a set of strategies for solving the problems, and more. 

Also offered in Summer 2020

HCS 2270 Historical Perspectives on Golf Course Design and Management

  • A historical survey of golf course design and management and its effect on contemporary design and management.

HCS 3370 Sports Turf Management 

  • Issues pertaining to sports field management including playing surface preparation, safety and playing quality, field maintenance and renovation techniques, sports turf IPM practices and administration.