Sports Turf Management Certificate Program: Student Feature

March 17, 2015

The Department of Horticulture and Crop Science offers different certificate programs in turfgrass science though Ohio State Plant Science Online. The online certificate programs attract people from around the world and helps student learn the basics of irrigation, painting logos & lines, turfgrass diseases and pest and much more!

We’re featuring Nick Mangano, who is a student in the online Sports Turf Management program. Here is Nick’s story:

I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. I've been working at Wrigley Field as a groundskeeper for 5 seasons. I started working there while I was in high school basically doing stadium work. I still work there part time and am seeking more permanent employment with Wrigley. After I showed my work ethic they brought me up to the field crew where I worked on the infield skin. Long term, I want to be known in the industry. I would absolutely love to be a head groundskeeper. I want to have the full responsibility of a field. I am a very proud person and it shows through my work. I have a goal of never stopping to better myself.  I'm taking the online certification just to get more knowledge. It's very important to have a good mix of experience with schooling. That is what truly separates good grounds keeping from the bad. Knowledge in this industry is very powerful.

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