Student Farm: Community Supported Agriculture

March 5, 2014

The OSU Student Farm is offering shares in their Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA), a localized food production model. Members pre-pay shares and receive a weekly bag of freshly harvested produce. All produce is grown at the student farm on Columbus campus using organic, pesticide free farming methods.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a localized food production model. Members of the public purchase shares from the farm, and in turn receive a portion of the farm’s harvest each week. The CSA model makes it economically viable for small farms to produce a wide variety of produce while utilizing sustainable methods. This way of production creates a relationship between the consumer, the farmer, and the land on which the food is grown.

  • Produce that is grown locally, high quality AND farm fresh!
  • Produce that is handled with care: grown, maintained, harvested, and packed by the same people.
  • Varieties selected for flavor
  • Supporting sustainable growing practices
  • Keeping your dollar in the local economy
  • Knowing where your food comes from
  • Exposure to new produce and methods of cooking
  • Savings over farmers’ market prices
  • Convenience - your share should provide the majority of your weekly fresh produce needs

Students and faculty founded the Ohio State Student Farm.  The farm currently serves to foster knowledge, learning, and research for sustainable food production methods. All those involved with the farm believe that we can grow delicious, nutritious food while still protecting our natural resources and building strong communities. Support of The Ohio State Student Farm through CSA shares and farmers’ market purchases benefits undergraduate and graduate programs at Ohio State, as well as the continued research, production and demonstration of sustainable food production on the Student Farm.


To purchae a member share, click the link below for more infomration and an order form. 

Community Supported Agriculture Flyer and Order Form