Students in HCS 3370 renovate local baseball field

Sep. 22, 2017
students enrolled in the Sports Turf Management course

A group of students in HCS 3370: Sports Turf Management renovated the Upper Arlington High School baseball field on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. The project, developed by course instructor Pam Sherratt, gives students an opportunity for hands-on experience in maintenance and repair techniques vital to their future careers in turfgrass science and sports field management. The students worked with turfgrass expert, Matt Williams (OARDC Research Operations), to measure the baseball field, repair and finish the pitcher’s mound. This is the eleventh year of this hands-on project. Previous HCS 3370 classes have worked with Brookhaven High School, Eastmoor Academy, Linden-McKinley High School, West High School, Marion-Franklin High School, and Dominion Middle School. This year, Tom Marker, the head baseball coach for Upper Arlington, reached out to Pam to ask for a way to collaborate between Upper Arlington and The Ohio State University.

Students in the photo:

Noah Tornes, Amy Wilber, Beau Kirkbride, and Christopher Harley. Not pictured: Brandon Sith

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