Adventures at the Tri-Societies Meeting

Nov. 23, 2022
Dr. Laura Lindsey's lab en route to the meeting!

Baltimore, MD | November 6-9, 2022

The 2022 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting was a success. We often refer to it as The Tri-Societies Meeting, since it's a combination of the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), and Soil Science Society of America (SSSA). 

Regardless of what you call the meeting it was an action + knowledge packed adventure for the many HCS students, visiting scholars, staff & faculty who were able to attend the meeting this fall! Check out some of their highlights:

HCS Student Highlights

Around a dozen of our undergraduate students were able to attend the meeting this year, the majority of whom are part of the Crops and Soils Club. The meeting hosts experiences tailored specifically to undergraduate students through the Students of Agronomy, Soil & Environmental Sciences (SASES) program - SASES's activities range from networking events to technical sessions to the annual quiz bowl.

OSU Undergrads Win the 2022 Quiz Bowl!It's not every day that you get the chance to defend a championship title - but that's exactly what happened in the SASES quiz bowl this year. The Ohio State University's undergraduate team became back-to-back champions this year, successfully defending their 2021 win & bringing home the championship title & trophy again for 2022!

Additionally, Cori Lee (undergrad, SPS-Agronomy) and Wanderson Novais (graduate student) were recognized at the ASA breakfast for scholarships they won. Cori won the Academic Undergraduate Scholarship from the American Society of Agronomy, and Wanderson won the Nelson Yield-Limiting Factors Graduate Student Scholarship from ASA. Cori was also selected as one of the Golden Opportunity Scholars for this year.  

We had a plethora of our graduate students attend the meeting as well! They participated in the conference and many presented posters or gave talks based off their graduate research projects.

HCS Graduate Student, Wanderson Novais (advised by Dr. Alex Lindsey) won the Crop Science Society-Wide Student Competition with his poster on: "Elucidating How N Management Practices and Excess Water Conditions Affect Corn N Uptake and Grain Yield".

Wanderson with his award winning poster

Worth noting, to compete in the Society-Wide Competition, you must first win a Division. Wanderson initially won 1st place in the PhD Poster Competition C3-Division: Crop Ecology, Management and Quality.

Graduate Student, Marina Miquilini (advised by Dr. Marília Chiavegato) brought home 1st place in the MS Poster Competition C6-Division: Forage and Grazinglands with her poster on: "Relationships Among Forage, Soil and GHG Emission on Forage Crops Under Flooding Conditions"

Additional HCS graduate student highlights:

  • Chelsie Yvette Rodriguez (advised by Dr. Marília Chiavegato)

Presented on "Germination and Cultivation of Native Warm-Season Grasses Under Controlled Environment" and "Cover Crops As an Alternative for Tall Fescue Pasture Renewal"

  • Alexandre Fameli Mammana (advised by Dr. Marília Chiavegato)

Presented on "Herbage Yield of a Multispecific Tropical Pasture"

  • Celeste Nye (advised by Dr. Laura Lindsey)

Presented on "Planting Date and Seeding Rate Effects on Hybrid Winter Rye Grain Yield across U.S. Regions"

  • Fabiano Colet (advised by Dr. Laura Lindsey)

Presented on "Effect of Soybean Planting Date and Seeding Rate on Harvested Seed Germinability and Seedling Vigor"

  • Prabath Senanayaka Mudiyanselage (advised by Dr. Laura Lindsey)

Presented on "Identification of Optimum Planting Date and Seeding Rate for Soft Red Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)"

  • Seth Kannberg (advised by Dr. Laura Lindsey)

Presented on "Early Planting of Soybean in a Rye Cover Crop System"

We had tons of HCS members attend the Tri-Societies Meeting this year – pictured are a few!

HCS Staff & Faculty Highlights

We had wide variety of our staff and faculty members attending the conference in addition to advising students & presenting research of their own at the Tri-Societies meeting this year. For instance, Dr. Marília Chiavegato (assistant professor), presented on climate change, won the ASA-CSSA-SSA Social Media Prize, and advised her lab which had 7 presentations ranging from posters to 5-min talks to oral presentations (15 min). 

  • Jean Zavala (visiting scholar in Dr. Osler Ortez's Lab) Jean Zavala with his poster

Although Jean has a BS and an MBA, this was his first experience attending a conference like this and the very first poster that he’s developed and presented! Jean presented a research poster on "Ohio Corn Performance Test: A 50 Year Summary" in the C3-Division: Crop Ecology, Management and Quality. 

The Ohio Corn Performance Test (OCPT) program was started at The Ohio State University in 1972 and has continued since then. The OCPT was established to provide farmers, extension personnel, crop consultants, and agribusiness entities with agronomic hybrid performance information on hybrids marketed in the state, which can help increase productivity and profitability while minimizing production risks. 

  • David Zelaya (visiting scholar in Dr. Laura Lindsey's Lab)

Presented a poster on "Effect of Insecticide at R3 and R5 on Soybean Yield"

  • Dr. Raj Shrestha (research associate)

Presented talks on "Optimization of Nitrogen Fertilization to Maximize Protein Quality and Yield of Malting Barley" and "Biochar in Combination with Nitrogen Suppresses Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

Thank you and a big congrats to everyone who took the time to share their knowledge and learn from their peers at the Tri-Societies 2022 Meeting - we can't wait to see y'all next year in St. Louis, MO, October 29th-November 1st!