Adventures at the 2023 Tri-Societies Meeting

Nov. 6, 2023
Dr. Alex Lindsey and MS student, Anu, at the meeting!

St. Louis, MO | October 29 - November 1, 2023

The 2023 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting was a success. We often refer to it as The Tri-Societies Meeting, since it's a combination of the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), and Soil Science Society of America (SSSA). 

Regardless of what you call the meeting it was an action + knowledge packed adventure for the many HCS students, visiting scholars, staff & faculty who were able to attend the meeting this fall! 

Check out a few of their highlights...


The meeting has a wide variety of experiences tailored specifically for undergraduate students through the Students of Agronomy, Soil & Environmental Sciences (SASES) program. SASES activities range from networking events to technical sessions to the annual quiz bowl. A dozen of our undergraduate students, many of whom are involved in the Crops and Soils Club were able to attend the meeting this year.

  • In the Crops Judging Showcase, Grant DeBruin placed 3rd overall.
  • In the Club Poster Contest, Ashley Bergman & Tim Sullivan presented.
  • In the Agronomic Quiz Bowl, a full team competed.

Our Crops and Soils Club is also gearing up to host the 2024 Spring SASES Meeting right here in Columbus!

Dr. Marília Chiavegato's Lab smiling in front of a few of their event posters at ASA.

Additionally, Cassie Stachler, an undergraduate student conducting research in Dr. Marília Chiavegato's Lab, presented on "Associated Effects of Grazing and Inundation in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Southern Ohio".

HCS Graduate STUDENT HIGHLIGHTSPrabath standing next to his poster at ASA

In the Wheat Initiative Agronomists community of the American Society of Agronomy, Prabath Senanayaka Mudiyanselage, a MS student advised by Dr. Laura Lindsey, won third place for his presentation on the "Influence of Soft Red Winter Wheat Planting Date and Seeding Rate on Grain Yield and Profitability".

Additional graduate student presentations included:

  • Fabiano​​ Colet (PhD Student in Dr. Laura Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "Fungicide Application Program to Manage Frogeye Leaf Spot Disease in Soybean"

  • David Zelaya (MS Student in Dr. Laura Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "Effect of Foliar Insecticide Applied at R3 and R5 on Soybean Yield"

  • Taylor Dill (PhD Student in Dr. Laura Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "The Effect of Planting Date and Population on Soybean Growth and Yield"

  • Celeste Nye (MS Student in Dr. Laura Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "Planting Date and Seeding Rate Impacted Hybrid Rye Grain Yield across U.S. Regions"

  • Alex Mammana (PhD Student in Dr. Marília Chiavegato's Lab)

Presented on "Identifying Grazing Targets for Improved Forage Quality in Ohio"

  • Wander​son​ Novais (PhD Student in Dr. Alex Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "The Use of Spectral Reflectance to Detect Stress in Corn from Excess Water" and "Winterkill and Overwinter Cover Crops Used for Flooded Areas on Subsequent Corn Crop Performance"

  • Anu​ Neththasinghe Appuhamilage (MS Student in Dr. Alex Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "Cold Temperature and Duration Effect on Germination of Soybean"

  • Bishal Dhakal (PhD Student in Dr. Osler Ortez's Lab)

Presented on "On-Farm Research: Cover Crops and Biological Applications in Corn-Soybean Systems"

  • Jonah VanRoekel (MS Student in Dr. Osler Ortez's Lab)

Presented on "Overcoming the Cover Crop Yield Gap and Barriers to Cover Crop Adoption in Ohio’s Maumee River Watershed"

  • Andres Velasco (MS Student in Dr. Osler Ortez's Lab)

Presented on "Double Crop Sunflower As an Agronomic Option in Ohio​​"

  • Tyler VanLandingham (MS Student in Drs. Dominic Petrella & Edward Nangle's Lab)

Presented on "Refining Best Management Practices for Nitrogen Applications to Cool-Season Turfgrass Lawns across Ohio"


A wide variety of our staff and faculty members attended the conference to advise their students, present their own research, collaborate, and keep up to date in their respective industries from turfgrass to soybeans!

A special talk was given by Dr. Marília Chiavegato remembering, Dr. Mark Sulc, at the C6 division Forage and Grazinglands Business meeting.

Marília remembering Marc Sulc at the C6 division Forage and Grazinglands Business meeting.

Dr. Laura Lindsey’s Double Crop Calculator Tool won the American Society of Agronomy Education and Extension Section’s Educational and Outreach Award for the Digital Decision Aids category (co-authors were Alex Lindsey, Greg McGlinch, and Eric Richer).

One of Dr. Laura Lindsey's co-authored Extension publications also received an award (co-authors were Emma G. Matcham, Shawn P. Conley, and Rachel A. Vann). Worth noting, Dr. Emma Matcham is an alumnus of our program, she received her MS degree in 2019 and is now an assistant professor at the University of Florida.

Additional staff presentations included:

  • Dr. Raj Shrestha (Research Associate in Dr. Laura Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "Biochar, Nitrogen, and Cover Crop on Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

  • Jorge Luis Rodriguez (Visiting Scholar in Dr. Laura Lindsey's Lab)Victor Gomes smiling next to his poster at ASA.

Presented on "Use of a Cover Crop to Reduce Soil Crusting and Improve Soybean Emergence"

  • Ricardo Ribeiro (Post Doctoral Scholar in Dr. Marília Chiavegato's Lab)

Presented on "Effects of Manure Application on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under Crop-Livestock Integration" and "Soil Carbon Stocks Under Perennial Grasslands and Hayfields: An on-farm Assessment in Ohio".

  • Victor Gomes (Post Doctoral Scholar in Dr. Alex Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "Critical Durations of Exposure to Cold Temperatures during the Imbibition Phase in Corn" and "Narrow Row Maize Cultivation Increased Grain and Forage Yield of Hybrids in Ohio and Pennsylvania"

  • Bayron Hernandez Lopez​​​ (Visiting Scholar in Dr. Alex Lindsey's Lab)

Presented on "Defoliation Timing and Severity Impacts on Popcorn Growth and Yield"

  • Jhonata Cantuaria Medeiros (Visiting Scholar in Dr. Osler Ortez's Lab)

Presented on "Fundamental Changes in the Ohio Corn Performance Test: A 50-Year Summary"

Thank you and a big congrats to everyone who took the time to share their knowledge and learn from their peers at the Tri-Societies 2023 Meeting. We can't wait to see y'all next year in San Antonio, TX, November 10-13th!