What's Going on with the Olentangy River?

June 4, 2013


The Invasive Plant Species Management class (HCS 5194) is a two credit hour class open to students with sophomore standing or above. The area of land the class focuses on extends from 5Th Avenue to Lane Avenue. Since the 5th Avenue dam was removed, the Olentangy River’s ecosystem has been in a state of upheaval. Invasive plants have taken over and wreaked havoc in the surrounding area. Students in HCS 5194 are working to restore the ecosystem along the river. The class received the Coca-Cola Student Sustainability Grant. The class received $10,672. The grant helps students learn practical industry skills, mechanical and chemical safety, and receive their Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s License. The students enrolled in HCS 5194 create a restoration plan that consists of monitoring the restoration progress, removal of invasive plants, and long-term research. The class, which is held everyday during the May Session, is part of the living and learning university experience. It gives students valuable skills needed when they enter the field professionally. The river may look like a mess to the untrained eye but it’s all part of the long process to help its ecosystem reach its full potential.
The photo above is of the Olentangy River 5th Avenue dam before removal. 
Please check back for photos of the Olentangy River Restoration Project.

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