Why major in an agricultural field? Jobs!

Dec. 22, 2016

In the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, students soon realize that they can take their love for plants and find careers that fit their dreams. With schools stressing subjects such as math, engineering, and science, agriculture sometimes gets glossed over. The amazing thing about agriculture, especially plant science, is that students can follow a math, engineering, design, breeding, or physiology path. At Ohio State, there are plant science majors exploring the world of agricultural engineering, plant breeding and genetics, marketing, economics, and more. Our graduates find careers! Whether it is the prospect of taking over the family farm, creating urban farming experiences, graduate level research, or careers within the industry, the agricultural world of plant science prepares students for it all.

Too often, employers in Ohio and around the country have said that there are plenty of jobs but not enough graduates to fill them. In HCS, we have noticed the impact of this phenomenon and we frequently ask, why? One explanation could be that students are becoming more selective when deciding what to major in. Students are choosing majors, not for the content, per se, but for the career they get after graduation. What students don’t realize is there are many careers in agriculture, an industry that’s eager for young talent.



Possible Careers in Plant Science

Agronomy: Breeding and Genetics Researcher, Crop Consultant, Fertilizer Sales Manager, Plant Geneticist, Seed Sales Representative, and more!
Horticulture: Florist, Greenhouse Manager, Landscape Designer, Plant Breeder, Horticulturalist, and more!
Turfgrass Science: Athletic Field Manager, Golf Course Superintendent, Lawn Care Specialist, Plant Breeder, Turf Industry Sales Manager, and more!