Professional Golf Management

Golf ball and club on green grass

Majoring in Professional Golf Management (PGM) will set you up for a successful career in the golf industry. The goal of this program is to assist you in becoming a PGA member and is the only program of this type in the state of Ohio. You’ll gain real-world experience through classroom study and on Ohio State's Scarlet and Gray golf courses, internships at premier courses, and membership in the PGM Student Club.

In PGM you’ll get to refinine your golf skills at the OSU Scarlet, Gray and Hawks Nest Courses, as well as the PGA Tour Simulator. You’ll learn how to repair golf clubs in the state-of-the-art club repair lab, socialize and network in the PGM student lounge, work with PGA professionals on staff & volunteer with golf-related charities and community groups. You’ll have the chance to intern at prestigious clubs in Ohio and nationwide. You’ll complete five internships to gain real world experience, and no we’re not talking about seasonal jobs each summer, you will get experience and mentoring at careers directly related to golf, helping to best prepare you for transitioning seamlessly into your career post-graduation.

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