Plant Biosciences Specialization

Research with Distinction

Conducting and reporting research with distinction. Students are expected to present at the CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum and the Denman University Undergraduate Research Forum. Prereq: CPHR 3.00 or above, and GPA 3.00 or above in major, and permission of project supervisor. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs or 3 completions. This course is graded S/U.

Turfgrass Management and Science

The course is designed to provide students with the principles based in ecology and plant physiology to manage intensively managed turfgrass systems in a holistic framework. Through the understanding of ecological principles that apply to turfgrass and the understanding of how turfgrass plants grow, the student will be able to develop management practices based on sound scientific grounds. Prereq: 3470 or 3475.

Plant Genetics

A study of plant transmission and functional genetics and their role in crop improvement. Prereq: 2200 (200) or 2201 or 2202 or 300 or MolGen 3300 (PlntBio 300); and Chem 1110 (101) or 1210 (121); and Biology 1101 (101) or 1113 (113), or MolGen 1101 (PlntBio 101). Not open to students with credit for 325.


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