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Lin Jin 

Lab: Dr. David Mackey

Research: Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

My research project focuses on a group of bacterial effector proteins called AvrE-family type-III effectors. The effectors are employed by a wide variety of plant bacterial pathogens whose hosts range from model plant Arabidopsis to economically important plants such as sweet corn, tomato, potato, and fruit trees of the Rosaceae family....

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Vivian Bernau

Labs: Dr. Kristin Mercer and Dr. Leah McHale

Research: Exploring chile pepper diversity

Under the guidance of her co-advisors, Dr. Kristin Mercer and Dr. Leah McHale, Vivian is exploring drought resistance in chile germplasm collected in the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Yucatan across temperature and precipitation gradients. Vivian hopes to identify an evolutionary and genetic basis for drought resistance, centering on the hypothesis that local adaptation to precipitation and temperature gradients has led to physiological adaptations, and thus genetic differences, in cultivated landraces and wild populations...

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