Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students doing research

Research. Explore. Discover.

Student researchers are a valuable part of our department. Undergraduate students have a variety of opportunities to gain valuable hands-on research experience while learning new skills and techniques, which can be broadly applied across fields.  

Research Experiences for Course Credit

There are several opportunities for undergraduates to gain research experience while earning course credit. Undergraduates can take the following courses:

HOw to get your undergraduate research journey started:

Undergraduates presenting research

Presenting research results

Undergraduate students have plenty of opportunities to share their discoveries with others. By presenting their research findings, students will develop important science communication skills for both general and specialized audiences, which can be broadly applied across fields. In addition, these events are excellent opportunities to discover the breadth of research being performed by students across campus and engage in constructive conversations with students, faculty, and staff from different areas of study. Students are encouraged to present their research results in the form of a research poster or oral presentation at one of the following events:

CFAES Research Presentation Opportunities

University Research Presentation Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Funding Opportunities

There are many local and external funding opportunities to which undergraduates may apply to support their research experience: