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  1. Publications

    and processing bodies in plants.  Plants 9:1122.  DOI:10.3390/plants9091122 Yu, X., Li, B., Jang, ... mutant alleles of lc and fas in wild type tomato.  Plant Direct   DOI:10.1002/pld3.142 Li, B., Wang, Y., ... in  Arabidopsis.  Plant Cell 16: 2128-2150. Price J, Li TC, Kang SG, Na JK, Jang JC. (2003). ...

  2. Jiaxuan Li

    Jiaxuan Li Garduate Student ...

  3. Sugar Regulatory Networks

    10294-10299. Price, J., Li, T.C., Kang, S.G., Na, J.K., and Jang, J.C. (2003). Mechanisms of glucose signaling ...