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  1. Quercus serrata

    bao li Quercus serrata USDA Plants Database Link ...

  2. With or Without Siblings: Sorting into Competition in the Experimental Chinese Labor Market

    Li Yu, Associate Professor in the China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research at the ...

  3. Old Alumni Page

    Rural Policy Research, Seoul, Korea Ji Li- Principal Statistician, Risk Mangagment, Capital One, ... Fellow, Korea Rural Economic Institute,  Seoul, South Korea Chunmo Li- Director of Portfolio Management, ...

  4. AEDE at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

    Countries: Insure the Loss or Insure the Signal? ” by Yiting Li and Mario Miranda Sessions: “ Sustainability ...

  5. Submitted Abstracts

    Urbanization  Xiaofei Li Purdue University Agriculture Economics Raymond Florax, Brigitte Waldorf The Effect of ...