Sustainable Agriculture

sun shining on a field

The Sustainable Agriculture major prepares you to think about farming holistically — to balance the environmental, social and economic dimensions. You’ll learn how to navigate multiple economic, social, and environmental goals when managing a farm, ranch, or any enterprise and its relationship with the surrounding landscape and neighboring communities. You will also develop the leadership skills and knowledge to pursue an entrepreneurial career in a wide range of public or private organizations.

Through interdisciplinary course work, Sustainable Agriculture will allow you to participate in hands-on farming experiences and learn to think critically about environmental sustainability, human-environment interactions, and our changing food system. You’ll develop a variety of transferable and professionally desirable skills. You’ll also get to find & complete at least one internship (many students choose to complete additional internships) in order to gain specialized experience & further build your network before you even graduate. You may look to gain more experience by working or volunteering at the Ohio State Student Farm (a four-acre farm on the Columbus campus) where you can engage in learning, research and collaborative projects. Additionally, you could join the Student Growing Collaborative and get to actively advocate for sustainable agriculture and food security. 


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