HCS Turf Students Orlando Success...

Feb. 28, 2023
OSU Turf Team receiving their giant check at the GCSAA Turf Bowl

OSU Turfgrass Students were able to compete & bring home another top ten finish at the 2023 GCSAA Collegiate Turf Bowl, hosted in Orlando, FL earlier this year! The Turf Bowl brings in teams of 4 from schools across the nation to compete during the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) Conference and Show. 

The OSU Turf Clubs Faculty Advisor Dr. Gardner summed up the excitement of the moment: “this is the first time we have placed in the top ten 3 years in a row, which is very impressive. I think their performance was testament to their hard work and dedication.”

Congrats to the competing OSU Team Members:
  • Christian Crossmock
  • Stephen Bischell
  • Parker Baney
  • Casey Williams

Luckily, we were able to get the inside scoop on the GCSAA Turf Bowl from Christian Crossmock & Dr. Gardner:


Christian: Overall, I had a great time at the conference. The networking and exposure to industry reps is unmatched. 

Dr. Gardner: Good and I think everyone had a good time and considered it a valuable experience. The Orlando site is always larger compared to where other conferences are held. They changed the schedule for the turf bowl this year for the first time in 22 years. I think this change was very well received by the students and advisors.


Christian: My favorite part of the competition was the disease ID section.

HOW Did you become interested in TURFgrass?

Christian: I started working on a golf course in high school and had a great boss who told me about going to school for turf.

How has your experience as a turfgrass science major been?

Christian: My time has been great. The teachers are world class and being involved in turf club has allowed me to meet so many people from the industry. 

Do you know what’s next for you career wise?

Christian: I have accepted a job at Shelter Harbor Golf Club in Charlestown, Rhode Island upon graduation [Christian anticipates graduating Spring 2023]

Congratulations to all the competing teams & best of luck on prepping for the 2024 GCSAA Collegiate Turf Bowl, which for the first time will be held in Phoenix, AZ!


Check out a few highlights of the 2023 GCSAA Collegiate Turf Bowl:

Photo credit to GCSAA