Turfgrass Science at OSU

Sports Turf Field

The Ohio State University (OSU) is proud to offer a Turfgrass Science program. Turfgrass science (sometimes referred to as turfgrass management) is an integrated program that studies the grasses used to enhance our environment. Turf reduces glare, noise, air pollution, heat buildup and visual pollution. Turf provides recreational benefits to sporting events as well as creates aesthetically attractive surrounds for homes, buildings and cities. You’ll learn to manage and maintain turf as you gain knowledge in plant biology, soil and turfgrass science.

Please note that Turfgrass Science is a specialization of our Sustainable Plant Systems (SPS) major.

In Sustainable Plant Systems you’ll participate in hands-on-learning including labs and interactive activities in nearly every course. You’ll get to find & complete at least one internship (many students complete more) in order to gain first-hand experience in specialized areas. We’ve had students intern near & far from local nurseries to international sports teams. The internship possibilities & eventual career options are limitless. You’ll also be encouraged to participate in research, working one-on-one with faculty and presenting your work at college and university level forums. 

Check out the SPS Program Learning Goals & Outcomes


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