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Department of Horticulture and Crop Science


Academic Advisors

What is an Academic Advisor?

An academic advisor is there to help you. In the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, we’re unique, because many faculty members are also academic advisors. Your academic advisor should be your first point of contact for questions related to:

  • Your curriculum – they fully understand the requirements for your major as well as the general education requirements.
  • Connecting you to the resources here at Ohio State – they can offer you information and solutions for academic and other issues you may be experiencing. They can connect you to the appropriate resources here at OSU on everything from chemistry tutors, math help room, to counseling and consultation services.
  • Adding or dropping classes, general scheduling questions, making changes or substitutions in your program.
  • Questions/issues related to your academic program requirements.

Academic Advisors for the Sustainable Plant Systems major are:

Agroecology Specialization

Dr. Wendy Klooster (614) 688-2637 



Agronomy Specialization

Dr. David Barker (614) 247-6258
Dr. Kent Harrison (614) 292-5056
Dr. Alex Lindsey (614) 292-3864

Horticulture Specialization

Dr. Wendy Klooster (614) 292-2764

Turfgrass Science Specialization 

 Athletic Field Turf:
Dr. David Gardner (614) 292-9002



Golf Course Turf:
Dr. Karl Danneberger (614) 292-8491

Plant Biosciences Specialization 

Dr. Andrea Gschwend (614) 292-2014




Advisors for the Professional Golf Management are: 

Professional Golf Management 

Chris Walsh, PGA (614) 292-3869
Tim Kerr, PGA (614) 292-1317